Design team: Architrend Architecture
Location: Ragusa Ibla
Client: Private
Photo: Umberto Agnello

Progetto pubblicato su:

ARTHITECTURAL 27 Agosto 2012
EXCLUSIVE SHOP Novembre 2011

The overall design process, from the thoughts and design plan at the initial stage to the construction
of a high-quality and valuable building, takes catering for the client’s demands of the location
and environment as a starting point, which are all reflected in the design process.

The designer has tried multi-disciplinary design to attempt to achieve the maximum effect with the minimal forms.
The designer has made perfect interpretation of the classic match of black and white
and with the strong contrast of black and white, presented a modern simple space of surreal colors.

The black spiral staircase in the center of the hall spirals up towards the upstairs, arousing people’s desire to
stepping on it. Extensive cold tone of black and white has made the space brighter and more spacious, which makes
it easy for customers passing by to see clearly the shoes and bags in the store and motivates their desire to buy.

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