Design team: Architrend Architecture
Location:  Marina di Ragusa
Client:  Private
Photo: Moreno Maggi

Progetto pubblicato su:

ARCHIPORTALE 12 Febbraio 2014
ARCHILOVERS 11 Febbraio 2014
ddn n° 194 Maggio 2013
ARTHITECTURAL 20 Luglio 2012
PRESS/TLETTER 7 Giugno 2012
ARQA Maggio 2012
ARCHI+SCAPE! Marzo 2012
HOMEDSGN Gennaio 2012
ARCHITIZER Ottobre 2011
AECCAFE Ottobre 2011
ARCHDAILY Settembre 2011
PROGETTI & CONCORSI 18-23 Luglio 2011
OTTAGONO Giugno 2011

This villa, like a garden pavilion hung with a spectacular view of the sea, is part of a complex of houses located in Marina di Ragusa, the seafaring village of Ragusa, on a plot of land with beautiful views overlooking the Mediterranean and a stretch of coast in the direction of the island of Malta, distant about sixty miles off, and that in a bright day you can see clearly.

Questa villa, quasi un padiglione sospeso sul giardino con una spettacolare vista sul mare, è parte di un complesso di case situate a Marina di Ragusa, la frazione marinara di Ragusa, su di un lotto di terreno molto panoramico che si affaccia sul mediterraneo e su un tratto di costa in direzione dell'isola di Malta; distante una sessantina di miglia al largo e che nelle giornate luminose si può vedere nitidamente.

The design of the villa derives from the influence exercised by the program of the Case Study Houses (CSH) implemented in the '50s by John Entenza and the magazine he founded "Art & Architecture".

The house is more representative of the program is certainly the case study houses of Pierre Koenig's Stahl House, masterfully photographed by Julius Shulman, became an icon of American lifestyle in the famous photo of the living room of the house with the background on the amazing night view of Los Angeles

The position of the batch of the project and the cultural similarities with that program became the essence of contemporary absolutely present after more than fifty years, has determined the main choices that affect the architecture of the house.

The villa has an L-shaped ground plan shape, is set around a large swimming pool with sun terrace paved with planks of larch treated with a white primer. The continuity of the interior of the living room and is secured by a glass wall that continues to spread around the perimeter of the house facing the sea view.



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